Thursday, July 5, 2007

Success and Thanks...

We walk,
On faith and determination.
We move,
Bound by dedication.

Pain shoots through our thighs,
Sun-slits mark our eyes.
The burn of frustration
As our heartbeats rise.

We stride.
Each footstep a sign
Of the tears we’ve cried.

Sun keeps on beating,
Our feet keep on feeting.
Dust rises filling the air.

Race for an answer.
Rush for a cure
Strength we find hidden
Keeps us fighting for her.

My soldiers for life,
My fighters til’ death.
My family, my friends
Til’ my last heartfelt breath.

Janis Moher

I love all of you who have fought beside me, and stood strong when I needed to lean. Thank you.

Janis here. First I want to extend an immense thank you to all who were such a tremendous part of the events that have unfolded. We made it. And I can assure each of you who participated so eagerly that it could not have been done without you. You are my family, my friends and when push comes to shove, the core of any success I have, as I know I would have fallen without your support. I love you all very much.A special thanks to my mom here as well. She was the backbone of this entire operation. Driver, supply runner, motivator, and when we were so tired we wanted to stop, she managed to get just a few more steps out of us.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

How it Began

Here are some pictures from the morning that the Journey of Hope for Hg charity walk began this past Sunday, on June 24, 2007. Here are the brave and courageous Women that started the walk and set in motion a dream that my Sister has had since her terrifying hardship in suffering from this illness.

They are walking to bring awareness to the many members of the medical community that may not recognize Hyperemesis Gravidarum as a legitimate illness/disease, they are walking to bring hope to the many Women and Families that have suffered and are currently suffering hardships from this illness/disease, and they are walking to raise donations to help increase the amount of study and research alloted to better understanding this illness/disease in hopes of someday finding ways to help ease the suffering it causes...and maybe even someday, a cure.

Janis (left), Melissa (middle), and Crystal (right)

Getting ready to head op! :)

Getting ready at the starting line.

And they are off!!

I have just recieved word that they have made it to Burlington and will be taking the night off to help ease some painful feet, hips, legs, and tendons. All in all, they are all doing well and made it through the extreme heat that we've had here in Southern Ontario this week. They will be finishing the remainder of the walk along Lake Ontario, so I'm sure they will be taking advantage of that with many quick dips into the lake to help keep them cool.
More updates to come soon! :)